The Perfect Night Out Drugstore Makeup Look

The Perfect Night Out Drugstore Makeup Look

Over the past year, I’ve really fallen in love with Revlon make up. Not only are their products amazing quality, they’re long lasting, highly pigmented, as well as super innovative. I incorporate Revlon products into almost every make up routine these days. The best thing about their make up is that it’s widely available at almost every drugstore, Making it super accessible for last minute occasions and every budget. I know for a fact that we’re all guilty of walking into a Sephora to refill your go to foundation and coming out $300 later with 6 face masks, a new moisturizer, 3 new eyeshadows, 2 lipglosses, and possibly a bag of reward samples. The nice thing about drugstore make up, is that we can do that, except for $50.  

Anyways, if you guys can’t tell, I’m obsessed with this make up look- and wanted to share my favorite Revlon products that built this perfect night out look!!


Starting with the face, I think for a night out look that it’s important to look super GLOWY, especially if you’re going to be partaking in flash photos. Nothing looks more fresh and eye catching than a bold highlight. And trust me, 10 minutes on the dance floor that highlight will be popping even more and will be catching all of the attention! Also, you’re allowed to go a little crazy with the contour at night, I highly recommend. Show off that bone structure hunni!

Dusty mirrors 🖤


For the eyes I love simplicity. I try not to go too crazy with the heavy eye make up. Nothing - I repeat, NOTHING, Is worse than overdoing the eye make up and looking trashy. If you’re going for a drag queen look I’m all for it however! For this make up look, I decided to go with a subtle peach eyeshadow to compliment a purple winged eyeliner. The purple is subtle and adds a high fashion flare. To be honest you can barely see the purple at night unless you add that flash, so in case you’re not feeling so risky, your friends or (that cute boy you’re talking to at the bar) probably won’t even notice the subtle purple in a dark room. To finish off the lewk, I added a bold mascara and nude lip.