Rekindling My  Romantic Relationship With New York City

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A little fact about me: one of my most dominating qualities is that I’m very spontaneous. Living

in New York City comes with so many surprises. I have learned to adapt well to an ever changing schedule as a self employed creative. No day is the same for me, but every day is busy.  As a New York Workaholic, it’s easy to get caught up in your calendar and lose balance for fun and personal

moments. I’ll get to a point where I feel so stir crazy that I need to take a cab to JFK and hop on

the next flight out, but that’s not realistic in most cases. So it’s important to find the smaller

way to keep things exciting and take the ordinary to the extraordinary. The next best thing is to

grab my friends for an exciting and spontaneous evening out to rekindle my romance with New

York City.


Another aspect of my personality is that I can be flakey. There’s really no happy medium here

with me. I’m either a super spontaneous adventurer, or I’m a lazy homebody. We are ALL guilty

of walking through our front door into our homes after a long day and realizing how nice it is to

be home. Therefore, canceling all plans. I’m definitely guilty of sitting down on my couch and

being unable to get back up. So, in order to keep that spontaneous energy alive, I have about a

10-minute turnaround time to get re-ready. A last-minute evening out calls for a quick

turnaround and easy touch ups.

Jourdan Sloane

One of my favorite ways to re-inspire my mood to go out is a spritz of fragrance to set the tone

of the evening. The Ralph Lauren Beyond Romance fragrance is my go-to…’s sultry, sweet,

and luxurious notes immediately awaken my confidence and energy to take on whatever the

evening brings, as well as transform my day vibe into the night. #BeyondRomance

I love this fragrance because it goes beyond the traditional floral Romance fragrance for a more

daring, sensual and sweet scent. The notes create an unexpected twist that make me feel more

confident when I wear it. It really sets the tone for a spontaneous night out in the city.

Jourdan Sloane
Jourdan SLoane

TOP NOTES: Raspberry Coulis Accord, Mandarin Essence, Bergamot Essence

MID NOTES: Rose Centifolia Absolute, Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute, Lily Of The Valley Accord

BASE NOTES: Black Vanilla Accord, Ambrox , Cashmeran , Benzoin Resinoid , White Musks

Available for purchase at Macy’s. 

This post was created in partnership with Ralph Lauren Fragrances. All opinions are my own.

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