Hiking Byron Bay

Byron Bay was an absolute dream come true. This insane landscape and semi-stormy weather was more than beautiful for hiking and picture taking. Devon and I spent all day hiking to the lighthouse, snacked on organic treats and sipped tea in town before the rain hit. I can definitely say Byron Bay exceeded my expectations and wish I got to spend more time there. I wore a casual comfortable off the shoulder top with black ripped jeans. I didn't bring many small bags while travelling so I had to bring my Chanel hiking (LOL) but it went with the look and adidas dressed down the overall look. 

Before the hike we stopped and fueled up at Top Shop cafe for famous acai bowls and coconut water. The atmosphere was open, bright, and cheerful. I ordered the tropical acai bowl- which had papaya, pineapple, passionfruit, and coconut on top!