The Green Effect feat. Botkier

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It's safe to say that that fall is upon us. It's about halfway through October and I'm still feeling hints of the mid-day warmth but loving the crisp morning chill. It's also safe to say that this is my favorite weather and time of the year. For this post, I wanted to introduce some of my favorite Fall accessories of the moment. I'm very into bold colors for fall including all of the clichè hues of nudes, reds and burnt oranges, but who says we can't hold on to the green a bit longer as the leaves change? I'm all for emerald this fall and i'm currently dying over these textured velvet heels and structured matching leather bag from Botkier NYC. I'm not sure about you guys, but back in the day I used to rock Botkier on the regular; however, they're having a comeback. Let's just say, i'm excited and obsessed. How about this detachable NEW YORK strap for the bag? I've already put it on some of my other bags as well. 

Jourdan Sloane Botkier NYC

I paired my accessories with a vintage Balenciaga blazer, black hoodie, vintage 550 Levis, and Gentle Monster Sunnies. 

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Jourdan Sloane Botkier NYC