Head Over Heels For Over The Knees

Seasonal color rules are ruled out in my book as I strolled in this full white look. This ensemble works for fall because It's super clean, classy, and layerable. It can easily be paired with an oversized nude coat or light grey tights for cooler weather. The long sleeved sheer top is separate from the vest so the vest could be layered over (i.e) a turtleneck sweater as well! 


These classic over the knee boots from Stuart Weitzman are honestly my new children. I decided on the grey instead of the black in order to (slightly) change up my everyday black winter wardrobe. This style also goes higher up the thigh than the black which I really loved and found super flattering. I highly recommend these boots for fall/ winter because they're so comfortable and easy to walk in despite having about a 3.5 in heel. I probably walked 6 miles and 10 hours in them around the city and didn't die until about hour 8 (WHICH IS PRETTY GOOD).


Jourdan SloaneComment