Fashion Week Fall Fever Wearing Theory

Jourdan Sloane

It's Fashion Week in New York City.

I've been transitioning to the most insane schedule over the past few weeks so it's been difficult to find time to post; however, I'm back at it. Like I said before, it's fashion week and I've been taking note of some serious style.

So far, I have had the luxury of getting to attend some pretty fun events, crazy after parties, as well as work some shows. I also had the pleasure of meeting up with my friend and fellow blogger Cassandra Dimicco from Dressed for Dreams. Go check out her blog when you get the chance, talk about GOALS.

I am wearing a matching Theory sweater and skirt set with Alexander Wang boots, Chanel bag, Urban Outfitters Hat.

I went for a very 70's muted vibe in all a terracotta clay colored ensemble paired with contrasting accessories. I was surprised at how versatile this color was on skin tone because nude hues can be hard to pull off; however the clean lines and burnt pink are easily pick up the surrounding brick colors in the city making it a super doable neutral look going into fall.