Bomb-er Style

Jourdan Sloane

First off, I wanted to say that it's been beyond a crazy few weeks as first semester senior year is coming to a close and work regarding  senior fashion collections is burying me alive. I took some time this weekend to shoot some new looks that I will be sharing with you guys over the next few weeks as the holidays draw near. 

I've been seeing a TON of bomber jackets this season, and i'm pretty stoked about this trend. In World War 1, most airplanes didn't have am enclosed cockpit, so pilots had to wear something that would keep them sufficiently warm (AKA) the bomber/flight jacket. I have mostly seen green bomber jackets, however, this Opening Ceremony bomber is super unique because it's reversible. WHO WOULDN't WANT TWO JACKETS IN ONE? I loved the pink and oxblood variation and will be wearing this all winter because it is SO WARM. I paired it with a leather mixed sweatshirt, black jeans, and chunky black boots for an overall casual ensemble. 

pink bomber jacket
Opening Ceremony Bomber Jacket
opening ceremony bomber jacket
jourdan sloane
jourdan sloane